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Michele Elyzabeth Creates the First Annual HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY AWARDS

Michele Elyzabeth Creates the First Annual HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY AWARDS

By Scott Essman

On February 15, 2015, a nascent organization known as LATF (LA TV – FILM) hosted the very first Hollywood Beauty Awards at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, benefiting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Spearheaded by LATF CEO Michele Elyzabeth who started her career in the magazine industry in France, LATF has engaged in five years of “lifestyle” publishing. This event promises to be the first of many like gatherings to honor beauty and fashion artists in the same stead as other prominent artists’ industry awards shows.

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LATF Vice President/Executive Producer of Hollywood Beauty Awards, Pamela Price with CEO/President of Hollywood Beauty Awards, Michele Elyzabeth.

After moving to the United States and working in public relations with major firms including Rogers and Cowan, in 1978, Elyzabeth started her own PR firm, Parapluie, Inc. who handled marketing and corporate functions. Analyzing the mid-to-late 1990s internet explosion, she realized that the business was changing. “I wanted to go back to something that would be published online,” she said, pointing to the imminent birth of LATF. “Eventually, I began Michele Elyzabeth Enterprises, and I started my own line of champagne nine years ago. Now, I have the awards part.”


It’s a tie! Christian Dior’s makeup artist and winner, Thuy Pham with MAC Cosmetics makeup artist and winner, Gregory Arlt of The Michael Westmore Award for Makeup.

Following considerable pre-planning, the idea of the Hollywood Beauty Awards first came to fruition seven months ago. “In order for us to really have an impact, we needed to create something that didn’t exist,” Elyzabeth conveyed. “You have 50,000 awards shows in film and TV, except there was no show about beauty—beauty is really very important. You can have a fantastic dress, but you need to have what it takes along with it. We reverted to my first love which was beauty and created the Hollywood Beauty Awards.”

2 a Michele, Bernadine, Jane Fonda

LATF CEO/President of Hollywood Beauty Awards, Michele Elyzabeth with Outstanding Achievement In Makeup Award honoree, Bernadine M. Anderson and presenter, Oscar winning actress, Jane Fonda.

Noting how other shows reward artists for film and television makeup and hairstyling achievements, Elyzabeth knew she needed to substantially distinguish her new event. “We are about honoring people who prepare celebrities and VIPs for the red carpet,” she described. “Nobody has ever really taken the time for those makeup artists or hairstylists who do megastars. We thought it would be an occasion to honor them and bring something new to L.A.”

Outstanding Achievement In Makeup honoree, Michael Westmore with presenter, Sir Patrick Stewart (“Star Trek,” “X-Men”)

Outstanding Achievement In Makeup honoree, Michael Westmore with
presenter, Sir Patrick Stewart (“Star Trek,” “X-Men”)

At the outset, especially since the Hollywood Beauty Awards was a first-time effort, few corporations offered significant assistance or sponsorship, though Elyzabeth was able to “sell tables” to a group of firms. “People are always very weary of this kind of thing,” she confessed of her potential collaborators. “Can you deliver? Will you have stars? I paid for it and am still paying.”


Hollywood Beauty Awards, New Beauty Award recipients, Constance Wu (“Fresh Off The Boat”), Virginia Gardner (“Project Almanac”), Meagan Tandy (“Teen Wolf”).

Ultimately, Elyzabeth ascribed her success with the innovative event to her well-respected choices of red carpet attendees, including makeup legend Michael Westmore and celebrity actors whose personal artists were sought. “I wanted to go across the board and make sure that everybody was honored,” Elyzabeth. “We did our research and found the first black lady in [makeup union] Local 706, Bernadine M. Anderson. She was very happy to be honored—she spent eight years being the makeup artist for Jane Fonda. It took three months for [Fonda] to say yes and [have us] presented to Bernadine, not us. Michael Westmore did Star Trek for 17 years; Sir Patrick Stewart immediately said, ‘Yes,’ he would present to him. He was very gracious.’”


Timeless Beauty Award recipient, Barbara Eden (“I Dream of Jeannie”) and presenter/hit recording artist, Tommy Roe (“Dizzy,” “Sheila”)

Additional names included celebrity photographer Harry Langdon, blonde bombshell, Morgan Fairchild, Jenifer Lewis from TV’s Black-ish and emcee Lisa Stanley from KRTH 101, but Elyzabeth pointed to considerable time and struggle that was spent getting notables to commit. “A lot of people came together to do this,” Elyzabeth related. “Not just my staff – everyone. Seven days a week: 7:30AM at the office, constantly trying to get celebrities. It was yes; it was no.”


Presenter, actress Morgan Fairchild with Outstanding Achievement in Photography honoree, Harry Langdon

Despite many obstacles to hurdle, Elyzabeth is pleased with the final results of her first awards show. “In the long run, it came out beautifully,” she said. “I come from the press end, so I wanted the press to be well treated. The people who won were tremendous—we created it for them. They were so happy – cried, laughed. It will become a huge event eventually. We want to make of it: LA Beauty Week.”


Outstanding Achievement In Hairstyling honoree, Julia L. Walker with presenter, actress Jenifer Lewis (“Black-ish”)

With the initial event behind her, Elyzabeth is already looking ahead towards an even better 2016 event. “People realize that we were able to deliver,” she expressed. “I hope corporate sponsors will come—I will always do it as a fundraiser. If I can get celebrities, I can get corporations. The skeptics will be not as many next year. We will know what to look out for. All in all, it was a great event.”

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Presenter, Miss United Nation International Carla Gonzalez with LATF President, Otis Stokes

At the HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY AWARDS, three established nominees competed in the honoree categories of hair, makeup and photography.


John Caldwell and KEARTH radio star and HBA master of ceremonies, Lisa Stanley


Hollywood Beauty Awards winner Martin Samuel with Bai Ling. SE Scott Essman

Hollywood Beauty Awards winner Martin Samuel with Bai Ling.
SE Scott Essman




Autumn Moultrie (WINNER)

Carola Gonzalez

Shannon Pezzetta


Thuy Pham (WINNER)

Gregory Arlt (WINNER)

Billy B.


Marcia Hamilton (WINNER)

Rhonda O’Neal

Vanessa Heshima Sims


Lea Journo (WINNER)

Sean James

Stephanie Hobgood


Emmanuelle Choussy (WINNER)

Alberto Tolot

Lionel Deluy

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